Meeting with the representatives of the Carter Center

The board of Rescue Me Foundation International in meeting with the representatives of the Carter Center on Tuesday 2nd July 2013. Discussed how to prevent the needy from suffering and to build hope for millions of the words poorest people, in health and in education.

As part of its objectives to reach out to the less privileged in society by providing health assistance to people, Rescue Me Foundation in collaboration with S.O.S, embarked on a data collection to facilitate health provision to the people of Chorkor on the 23rd day of May, 2013. During this exercise, the team came across Aurirla Otoo.

Aurirla’s is a nine-year-old disabled girl living with her grandmother by name Gladys Lomotey, a middle-age trader at Chorkor.

According to her grandmother, Aurirla who seem to be suffering from cerebral palsy was born a normal baby until she suffered from convulsion, resulting in the condition in which she finds herself now. After this problem, her father abandoned her. Her mother on the other hand left her in the care of her grandmother to move on with her life as she is now married to another man. Abandoned by her biological parents, with no support from nowhere, and financial constraint on the part of her grandmother, Aurirla has been in a baby cradle all her life since madam Gladys cannot afford a wheel chair for her granddaughter.

Aurirla who is severally handicapped is suffering from weak joints, weak spinal cord, alongside frequent cold because of the cradle she uses.  Because of her disability, she is not educated; however, she has no hearing problems and although her speech is blurred, she can mention names.

The Rescue Me Foundation International which is set up to extend helping hand to those who need it on hearing the unfortunate story of Aurirla came to her aid. Upon recommendation by a doctor for her to have a wheelchair, Rescue Me Foundation International provided her with one worth GHS 230.00.

Event Date: 
2nd July 2013

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